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The mission of NarrowGate is to provide individuals and families with an effective faith-based solution to the intense problems of this life. We equip people with the necessary tools to live a healthy, spiritually productive life outside of the confines of a structured program. By instilling Christian principals and values we empower people with mental stability, emotional balance, physical wellness, social ability, and Spiritual Life.



At NarrowGate we offer a 1-2 year, live-in facility for individuals with issues such as drug, alcohol, gambling, pornography addictions, depression, eating disorders, homelessness along with any other life-controlling problems. We offer a safe structured environment designed specifically for people coming out of unhealthy backgrounds. People coming out of these life styles are not usually accustomed to handling the pressure of life without shutting down and turning to their escape. We help establish healthy ways of handling the situations of life. Our students also learn a good work ethic, study habits and people skills, thru the encouragement and support they receive. We believe grace, truth, time, accountability, structure and love are the essential elements to see authentic change in a person’s life. We give people room to fail and then come along side them with counseling and guidance to help them work through their issues. Everyone receives individual attention because everyone is different. Some begin to embrace change more quickly than others.



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