Simple Truth Church is more than a building, more than somewhere to spend your Sunday mornings. We are a family of believers with an unquenched thirst for the knowledge of our faithful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  A family who laughs, cries, prays, and spiritually grows together.  We are not perfect; but we strive to live a life pleasing to our Father God.  We really love God and we really love people.

Our Mission & What We Believe


Simple Truth Church is not your normal American Christian Church. We focus less on man made religious structure and tradition and more on the Scripture, Prayer, and the Holy Spirit.



We are a Non-Denominational

Spirit-Filled, Bible loving Church.


We believe the most important thing is a personal relationship with God. Our services are designed to encourage your Spiritual growth and allow you to connect with Him. Come experience God in an intimate and personal way! 



Simple Truth is a casual Church.


We believe that it’s not what you wear on the outside, but what you carry on the inside that matters. We would rather you bring an open heart than fancy clothes.



Simple Truth Church is all about True Spiritual Worship!


We believe that God gave man gifts, abilities, and talents to be used for His Glory. We have people gifted in the Spirit and that love to worship. Be ready to enter into His Presence.




Simple Truth
94777 M40 
PO Box 545
Marcellus, MI



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